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BIM Coordination

Electrical Design Services

We provide electrical design services for small and large scale commercial & residential projects. Our goal is to design electrical service as per the codes and building requirements and its coordinated protection.

Electrical Power Design

  • Calculating the total service size required from the building areas and total loads.
  • Transformer, switchboard and panel sizing and specification.
  • One line and riser diagram design.
  • Wire and feeder sizing.
  • Electrical room layout.
  • Voltage drop calculation and short circuit analysis.
  • Circuit breaker coordination.
  • General purpose and special purpose receptacles layout.
  • Equipment schedule and specifications.
  • Mechanical Coordination.

Electrical lighting Design

  • Interior and Exterior Lighting selection and lighting layout.
  • Photometric calculation.
  • Lighting controlling.
  • Luminaire schedule.
  • Energy calculation for lighting.

Electrical Fire alarm DESIGN

  • Fire alarm detection devices layout.
  • Fire alarm notification devices layout.
  • Fire alarm matrix and specifications.